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xDSL Acronyms

DSL Glossary DSL Glossary xDSL Glossary



xDSL Acronyms

  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

A (top)

AAL5 - ATM Adoption Layer 5

ABR - Available Bit Rate

ADSL - Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line

AN - Access Node

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

APON - ATM Passive Optical Network

ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit

ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATMOS - ATM Operating System

ATU - ADSL Transceiver Unit

ATU-C - ADSL Transmission Unit - Central Office

ATU-R - ADSL Transmission Unit - Remote

AWG - American Wire Gauge

B (top)

B8ZS - Binary Eight Zero Suppression

BER - Basic Encoding Rate; also, Bit Error Ratio

BERT - Bit Error Rate Test

BISDN - Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network

BONDING - Bandwidth-ON-Demand Interoperability Group

Bps - Bits per second

BRA - Basic Rate Access

BRI - Basic Rate Interface

C (top)

CAN - Campus Area Network

CAP - Carrierless Amplitude and Phase modulation; also, Competitive Access Provider

CAT-3 - Category 3 Cabling

CAT-5 - Category 5 Cabling

CATV - Community Antenna Television; also, Cable Television

CBR - Constant Bit Rate

CCITT - Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone

CEU - Commercial End User

CLEC - Competitive Local Exchange Carrier

CO - Central Office

CODEC - COder/DECoder

CPE - Customer Premises Equipment

CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Check

CSA - Carrier Service Area

CSMA/CD - Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection

CSU - Channel Service Unit

D (top)

DACS - Digital Access & Cross-connect System

DCE - Data Circuit-terminating Equipment

DCS - Digital Access & Cross-connect System

DDS - Digital Data Service

DHCP - Dynamic Host Control Protocol

DLC - Digital Loop Carrier

DLCI - Data Link Connection Identifier

DMT - Discrete Multi-Tone

DQDB - Distributed Queue Dual Bus

DRAM - Dynamic Random Access Memory

DS-0 - Digital Signal, level 0

DS-1 - Digital Signal, level 1

DS-3 - Digital Signal, level 3

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line

DSLAM - Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer

DSP - Digital Signal Processor

DSU - Data Service Unit

DTE - Data Terminal Equipment

DWDM - Dense Wave Division Multiplexing

DWMT - Discrete Wavelet Multi-Tone

E (top)

EIA/TIA - Electronic Industries Association/Telecommunications Industry Association

EMS - Element Management System

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

EU - European Union

F (top)

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDI - Feeder Distribution Interface

FDM - Frequency Division Multiplexing

FEXT - Far End CrossTalk

FRAD - Frame Relay Access Device

FRF - Frame Relay Forum

FRSP - Frame Relay Service Provider

FSS - Fixed Satellite Service

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

FTTC - Fiber To The Curb; also FTTK

FTTCab - Fiber To The Cabinet

FTTH - Fiber To The Home

G (top)

Gbps - Gigabits per second

GUI - Graphical User Interface

H (top)

HDSL - High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line

HFC - Hybrid Fiber Coax

HPF - High Pass Filter

HTML - Hyper-Text Markup Language

HTU-C - HDSL Transmission Unit - Central Office

HTU-R - HDSL Transmission Unit - Remote

Hz - Hertz

I (top)

IDC - Insulation Displacement Connection

IDSL - ISDN Digital Subscriber Line

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force

ILEC - Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier

IP - Internet Protocol

IPX - Internetwork Packet eXchange

ISA - Industry Standard Architecture

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network

ISO - International Standards Organization

ISOS - Integrated Software On Silicon

ISP - Internet Service Provider

ITU-T, ITU-TSS - International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications Standards Sector

IXC - IntereXchange Carrier

J (top)

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group

K (top)

Kbps - Kilobits per second

KHz - KiloHertz

L (top)

L2TP - Layer Two Tunneling Protocol

LAN - Local Area Network

LANE - LAN Emulation

LATA - Local Access Transport Area

LEC - Local Exchange Carrier

LMDS - Local Multipoint Distributed Service

LPF - Low Pass Filter

M (top)

MAC - Media Access Control

MAE - Metropolitan Area Ethernet

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

Mbps - Megabits per second

MDF - Main Distribution Frame

MDSL - Moderate speed Digital Subscriber Line

MIB - Management Information Base

MMDS - Multichannel Multipoint Distributed Service

MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group

MPOE - Minimum Point Of Entry

MSO - Multiple System Operator

MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure

MTSO - Mobile Telephone Switching Office

MUX - Multiplexer

N (top)

NAP - Network Access Provider

NAT - Network Address Translation

NDIS - Network Design Interface Specification

NEBS - Network Equipment Building System

NEXT - Near End CrossTalk

NIC - Network Interface Card

NID - Network Interface Device

N-ISDN - Narrowband ISDN

NMS - Network Management System

NSN - Network Service Node

NSP - Network Service Provider

NTE - Network Termination Equipment

NTU - Network Termination Unit

O (top)

OA&M - Operations, Administration, & Maintenance

OC-1 - Optical Carrier, level 1

OC-3 - Optical Carrier, level 3

OC-12 - Optical Carrier, level 12

ONU - Optical Network Unit

OSI - Open Systems Interconnection

P (top)

PBX - Public Branch eXchange

PON - Passive Optical Network

POP - Point Of Presence

POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service

PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol

PPTP - Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

PRI - Primary Rate Interface

PSC - Public Service Commission

PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network

PTO - Public Telephone Operator

PTT - Postal Telephone & Telegraph

PUC - Public Utilities Commission

PVC - Permanent Virtual Circuit

Q (top)

QAM - Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

QoS - Quality of Service

R (top)

RADSL - Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line

RBOC - Regional Bell Operating Company

RFI - Radio Frequency Interference

RMON - Remote Network Monitoring Specification

RSVP - Resource Reservation Protocol

RT - Remote Terminal

RTU - Remote Termination Unit

S (top)

SDH - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

SDSL - Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line

SIP - SMDS Interface Protocol

SLIP - Serial Line Internet Protocol

SMDS - Switched Multimegabit Data Service

SNA - Systems Network Architecture

SNI - Subscriber Network Interface

SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

SOHO - Small Office, Home Office

SONET - Synchronous Optical NETwork

STM - Synchronous Transfer Mode

STM-1 - Synchronous Transport Module-1

STS-1 - Synchronous Transport Signal-1

SU - Service User

SVC - Switched Virtual Circuit

SWC - Service Wire Center

T (top)

TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TDM - Time Division Multiplexing

TIMS - Transmission Impairment Measurement Set

TP - Twisted Pair

TPON - Telephony over Passive Optical Network

U (top)

UADSL - Universal ADSL

UAWG - Universal ADSL Working Group

UBR - Unspecified Bit Rate

UDSL - Universal Digital Subscriber Line

URL - Uniform Resource Locator

UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair

V (top)

VBR - Variable Bit Rate

VC - Virtual Circuit

VCI - Virtual Channel Identifier

VDSL - Very high data rate Digital Subscriber Line

VF - Voice Frequency

VLAN - Virtual LAN

VLSI - Very Large Scale Integration

VoD - Video on Demand

VP - Virtual Path

VPI - Virtual Path Identifier

VPN - Virtual Private Network

W (top)

WAN - Wide Area Network

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization

X (top)

XNS - Xerox Network System





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