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VCR Glossary



VCR Glossary

Auto Clock Set

Clocks on models with this feature always display the correct time and never need to be reset. This is a handy feature for anyone who uses their VCRs to record programs.

Auto Head Cleaner

Tapes played in your VCR leave magnetic residue that can degrade the overall picture quality during playback. This feature automatically cleans the video heads every time you insert or eject a tape.

A/V Dubbing

With the touch of a button Audio/Video dubbing is possible. Audio dubbing replaces the sound without affecting the picture. Video dubbing replaces just the video without affecting the sound. Any VCR with A/V inputs can be set up to do A/V dubbing, however not all have an A/V Dubbing button.

Cable Box Control

Your universal remote can change the channels on your cable/satellite box, but that doesn't mean your VCR can. To help make timer recording of your favorite programs easier, a VCR with this feature will automatically change the channels on your cable/satellite decoder boxes, eliminating the need to manually configure the channels before you record.

Commercial Advance

VCRs with this feature will locate and electronically mark commercial breaks when recording your favorite programs. During playback the VCR uses these marks to automatically fast forward past commercials, thus providing the viewer a sense of seamless programming.

Flying Erase Head

Eliminates noticeable distortion at the transition points between recordings. This enables camcorder users to edit videos with professional looking results. Also gives more clear copying from tape to tape.

Frame Advance

Allows tape to be forwarded one frame at a time. The feature gives the effect of watching a series of still photos. This feature is found only on VCRs with more than 2 heads.

Front A/V Jacks

Other audio and video components can be plugged into the VCR using these jacks. Some jacks are conveniently located on the front of the machine for easy access. Front A/V jacks are useful for plugging camcorders into the VCR.

Hi-Speed Rewind

Players with this feature will rewind tapes at a faster speed. A great feature for those of us who are always rushing to get our movie rentals back on time.

Index Plus+ Programming

This feature enables you to begin taping a new program onto a partially recorded tape. You enter the counter number where the existing footage ends, and the VCR will begin taping new programming at that point. With this feature, you can take advantage of the full recording capacity of your tapes.

Index Search

With this feature, the machine will move directly to a specific place on the tape. Enables you to go to the beginning or end of taped material.

Memory Backup

In the event of a power outage, backup memory will preserve the time, date and all programming information for one minute up to an hour. The feature duration varies by model.

Movie Advance

This feature gives users the option of skipping previews on rented and store bought movies.


Provides a choice of instructions in at least two languages when operating the on screen menu.

On Screen Menu System

A graphic menu system on the screen which allows you to easily program your VCR.

PAL Compatible

Provides the ability to view a foreign cassette recorded with Phase Alternation by Line (PAL) which is commonly used in Europe and elsewhere. Also called a Multi-system VCR.

Parental Control

Keep the kids from watching movies or taped programs that they aren't mature enough to see. Features a code that can be used to disable the VCR.

Remote Locator

Lets you page the remote from the main unit. An audible beep from the remote lets you find it where it is hidden in the couch.

Slow Motion

This feature allows you to slow the speed at which you watch a taped program. This feature is found only on VCRs with more than 2 heads.

Timer # Days

This feature indicates how long (in days) that your VCR will remember programs that you want to record.

Timer # Events

Indicates how many programs the VCR may be programmed to record at one time. Once the events are programmed into the machine, the VCR does the rest.


Super VHS: These models have laser quality picture. This is a high-end feature and S-VHS models are generally top-of-the-line. These systems have the Hi-Fi stereo feature (see that definition).

Video Heads: Effect picture image. More heads allow for a clean, steady picture; free from interference and shaky noise lines. The number of heads in a VCR varies from 2 to 6, although four is considered standard and plenty. Six head vcrs record and playback in EP mode with SP quality.

Hi-Fi Stereo: Generates virtually the same sound range and clarity of a compact disc. This feature is the critical component to quality home theater. All Super VHS models have Hi-Fi.

Dual Deck: A VCR with slots for two tapes. These are generally used for copying one tape onto another.

D-VHS: These models, using D-VHS tapes, allow you to digitally record and playback direct broadcast satellite (DBS) programs at the same quality they were broadcasted. All D-VHS models have Hi-Fi stereo and are capable of playback and recording on standard VHS tapes.

Universal Remote

Will operate nearly every brand of television and cable box in addition to the VCR. Good feature because it means that you will only lose (and have to find) one remote.

VCR Plus+ Programming

Simply enter the four digit code of the program you wish to record (found in the newspaper or TV Guide) and the system does the rest for you. You get to avoid the hassle of entering all the recording information such as date, channel, and start/stop times."




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