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Saudi Arabia, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Why Use Satellite?



Why Should I Use Satellite Communications?



This is a very important question and one we are often asked.  Our explanation is this:


For Satellite Communications In General

NSIS satellite network solutions connect people through voice, video and computer based information networks, allowing them fast and secure access to critical business information regardless of geographic location, time differences, local PSTN or telco regulations, or those all too expensive or difficult to resolve last-mile and local-loop barriers.


Our complete end-to-end satellite network solutions allow any business enterprise, ISP, or government organization to build a high-performance nationally or globally unified information infrastructure that is capable of paying back attractive financial dividends and provide significant operational advantages over existing common carrier, PSTN or telco leased line services.  For underserved regions of the world, where the local voice telephony and Internet infrastructure is inadequate or simply does not exist, VSAT communications is the ideal solution.


The Case for VSATs

From a technical standpoint, satellite systems, particularly those employing the latest SCPC, TDMA or CDMA VSAT technologies, have clearly established a competitive edge over many types of terrestrial leased line services as corporations shift to become more IP-centric and while they continue to support their legacy protocols. Least cost, faster-to-market VSAT communications technology has proven to be especially well suited to this role.


During the past decade, technical advancements in VSAT earth station equipment and higher powered satellites have made VSAT communications extremely reliable (up to 99.9% or more) and capable of providing nearly error-free (<10-7 BER or better) digital transmission throughout your entire network of remote sites.


Since its introduction in the early 1980s, VSAT communications has developed into a mature technology.  Today there are well over 600,000 VSAT earth station terminals installed and operating successfully around the world serving the needs of corporate businesses and government organizations.


Depending on your own specific operational requirements NSIS can specify, design and put in place for you a cost-effective VSAT network that will operate at speeds from a few kilobits per second up to multi-megabit rates -- easily supporting any mix of voice, data, video or facsimile services you may require, now or in the future.  NSIS designs VSAT networks that are capable of supporting a wide variety of circuit connectivities and protocol requirements, such as: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, broadcasting, uni-casting, and multi-casting services over dedicated circuits, switched circuits, IP, Frame Relay or ATM.


Privately owned or operated VSAT satellite communication networks, unlike many terrestrial leased common carrier service networks, are inherently secure and reliable. Most VSAT networks can be installed and made operational within a matter of a few weeks or months, depending on the complexity of your network and the physical or geographical locations of your sites. Network expansion can be accomplished quickly and painlessly -- additional VSAT earth stations (remote site terminals) can be added to your network at any time, virtually on a plug-and-play basis and interconnected with your company's existing PBX, LAN servers or WAN communications infrastructure.


Like ourselves, the major equipment manufacturers and systems integrators have recognized that a next generation VSAT system using low-cost satellite terminals with small rooftop or ground-mounted dish antennas can significantly reduce your present monthly telecommunication expenses.  The potential cost savings and operational advantages of satellite communications over many types of leased terrestrial carrier services cannot be overemphasized.  It is one of the main reasons for the phenomenal growth of the VSAT industry in the past decade.



High-Speed Broadband Satellite Communications

Broadband satellite communication systems, supporting Internet as well as Corporate and Government Intranet services, can provide data rates from fractional T1/E1 up to 72 Mbps for example, using many of the same equipment components and design techniques as used in VSAT networks, but with a few notable differences.


High speed, two-way network routers and satellite link performance accelerator equipment is often used in broadband systems to provide high throughput data stream connectivity between each end of a communications link.  The satellite link can be set up for symmetric or asymmetric operation as necessary in order to reduce overall satellite link power and bandwidth requirements, thus dramatically reducing monthly charges from the satellite space link provider.


Because of the higher speed and bandwidth requirements of broadband services these earth stations may sometimes require somewhat larger dish antennas, higher power amplifiers and more sophisticated modems than VSATs.  Depending on your requirements, broadband satellite networks, like their VSAT counterparts, can be designed for hub/star, hub-less fully mesh-connected, or hybrid network architectures.


Typical customer applications for broadband satellite systems include:

  •  ISP point-to-point high-speed data trunking circuits.

  •  Corporate LAN/WAN internetworking.

  •  Broadband Internet/Intranet access.

  •  Video and IP convergence.

  •  Financial transactions.

  •  Software product distribution and maintenance.

  •  Network Push services: news feeds, multimedia kiosk updates.

  •  Streaming audio and video.

  •  Data, Voice and Video uni-casting or multi-casting.

  •  Business-to-Business e-commerce.

  •  IP (VoIP) voice telephony.

  •  Digital PBX to PBX connectivity.

  •  PSTN, ISDN, private leased line, GSM, DECT and wireless modems.

Satellite Teleports, International Hubs and Gateway Earth Stations

We have considerable experience in developing new digital teleports, network hubs and gateway earth stations for international and domestic satellite services that deliver communications for Internet Service Providers, long-distance communications carriers, multinational corporations, and government organizations.  We design integrated seamless teleport and gateway service solutions that include one- and two-way video and data transmission, space segment and terrestrial interconnections for supporting a wide variety of applications, including Frame Relay and ATM via satellite.


Our extensive array of specialized Teleport services extends from performing technical and cost feasibility studies to establishing new facilities or  upgrading existing site infrastructure and systems on a turn-key project managed basis.  We perform site civil engineering surveys and overall site facilities design, determine satellite accessibility and establish antenna requirements.  We can also project manage all site construction and systems upgrades and modifications by equipment suppliers and vendors on the customer's behalf.




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