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Internet Access



Wireless Internet Access

Business are plugging into the Internet on a daily basis. Since most business need a high-speed connection to the Internet, a standard modem connection is too slow and expensive when they have to pay those per-minute business phone bills on top of ISP fees for each user.
Traditionally, the only other alternatives were to get a Frame Relay (shared high-speed connection) or Dedicated Private Line (non-shared high-speed connection). Both of these options can cost several thousand dollars every month, since you have to pay the Internet Service Provider (ISP) several hundred dollars for the high speed connection to the internet, and then they also have to pay the Phone Company (Telco) a "local loop" charge to connect the business to the ISP, which can sometimes cost more than the ISP access fee.

With Nova* Stars* Wireless Business Access, those Telco Loop Charges are history.

  • No waiting for the Phone Company to install extra phone lines. No Telco loop charge.
  • No Busy Signals, because a Wireless T1 is "On" 24 hours a day.
  • A Wireless T1 from Nova* Stars* is fast, secure, and affordable.
  • A Wireless T1 is up-scaleable, usually without buying more hardware.
  • This is a great way to increase the Value & Marketability of your Property.


If your business has a lot of users or even just has high bandwidth needs, then a Wireless Internet T1 may be just what you need to get the job done.

Office Buildings

As the business real estate market gets more and more competitive, it's imperative that building owners find some way to increase their competitive advantage. For most smart business owners, it's better to increase the value of your property to your prospect, than to lower the asking price. A Wireless T1 from Nova* Stars* is the smart way to do this since you also get double the bandwidth over a standard frame relay or wired T1.

The Internet is the fastest growing business tool in history, and appears to be unstoppable. It makes sense for any commercial real estate owner or manager to consider the cost savings and profit potential of giving (selling) the fastest Internet feed possible to your tenants.

Apartment Buildings

The Residential Apartment market is extremely competitive. You could lower your rental prices, but then you lose money and may get a lower class of tenant looking for cheap rent. A smart apartment owner knows that if you can economically add services, you may even be able to increase the rent you want, and get an upscale, Internet savvy tenant.

Remember that an empty apartment is a liability, while a happy tenant is an Asset to your monthly bottom line. If you can offer services and amenities that your competition doesn't then your apartment turnover should be lower than average, and thus more profitable.

Motels and Motels

It seems like most Hotels and Motels are located within a few miles or even a couple of blocks of each other. This highly competitive environment means you have to give your guest "something extra" to set you ahead of the pack. This "something extra" could and probably should be Internet access. Think about it.

If a high percentage of your guests are business travelers, there's a good chance that they use the Internet in their business. Many business travelers take a laptop or notebook computer on the road with them. They may use it to send field reports back to the office, checking inventory, or email, or even just research for work (or play). If you can give them fast, economical Internet access, you've satisfied a major need for business travelers. Trust me on this, I've done plenty of travelling and having fast Internet access is almost priceless when on the road.


Let's face it, lives are on the line everyday in Hospitals around the world. And speedy answers and consultations can make the difference between life and death. Sometimes those answers and consults are communicated via the Internet. Getting a Wireless T1 from Nova* Stars* Internet, may be just what the Doctor ordered for your fast hi-tech communication needs.

Another growing part of the health care field is the medical billing industry. The faster you can send and receive medical records and billing information to be processed and paid by the insurance companies, the faster the hospital gets paid. In this situation, time is definitely money. A Wireless T1 from Nova* Stars* fits the bill.


Schools have a mandate to get online access to the Internet. However, the problem for most schools is the cost of wiring all the appropriate classrooms. On top of that, you have speed issues when that many users are accessing the web at the same time.

A Wireless Internet T1 from Nova* Stars* can solve both problems with it's lower setup cost when compared to the standard Wired T1.

Nova* Stars* also has a service called Family Access, which will automatically restrict access to adult and other sites that are deemed inappropriate for schools aged children.




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