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Internet Jargon



Internet Jargon

Listed here is some of the most commonly used terms on the Internet.

Access Provider: An organisation offering access to some or all of the services available over the Internet.

ASCII: The American Standard Code for information Interchange. The ASCII code is a set of characters, letters, digits and symbols. ASCII text is plain, unformatted text.

Bandwidth: Strictly refers to the capacity of the phone line, but is also used to refer to other transmission and storage resources.

Binary Files: Any that are not plain ASCII text, e.g.; images, programs and formatted text from word processors.

Browsing: Moving from one site to another on the World Wide Web, enjoying the scenery and following up interesting leads. Also called surfing.

Byte: The basic unit of data. One byte can hold one character or a number in the range 0 to 255. A byte is made up of 8 bits, each of which can be 0 or 1, or an on/off electrical signal. 

Content Provider: Organisation providing information and / or services to Web users.

Dial-up Connection: The method used by most home and small business users, where you get on-line to the Internet by dialling your Access Provider. Large organisations normally have dedicated line, giving a permanent, high speed connection.

Directory: Web site holding an organised set of links (thousands of them!). The better ones only have links to reviewed and selected sites.

Download: Copy a file from the Internet to your own computer. 

FAQ's: (Frequently Asked Questions) at almost every place on the Internet where you can ask for help, you will find a FAQ list a set of common questions, and their answers. Check the FAQs first, before asking a question. 

Gigabyte: A thousand megabytes or 1,000,000,000 Taking each byte asa letter, this is the equivalent of around 2,000 thick paperback books. 

Home Page: On a Web site, the home page is the top one of a set, or a user's only published page. On a browser, the home page is the one that the browser will go to when it first starts. 

Host Computer: One that provides a service for Internet users. The service may be simple pages of information, access to files for downloading, a place to meet and chat with other users, or a complex interactive service. 

Hypertext: Documents linked so that clicking on a button, icon or keyword takes you into the related document wherever it may be. Web pages are written in HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) which handles links in a standardised way.

Internet Geographical Address Zones

3-letter zones
Internet 3-letter zone designator indicates different types of organizations. In "" the "com" means it's a commercial organisation. In "" the "edu" means it's an educational institution.

List of 3-letter zone designators

COM Commercial organisation
EDU Educational institution
GOV Government Body or department
INT International Organisation
MIL Military organization
NET Networking organisation
ORG Organisation (miscellaneous)

2-letter zones
Internet 2-letter geographic zones symbolise addressing for countries. 

In "" the "jp" means it's in Japan. In "" the ".sa" means it's a Saudi Arabian location or address.

Two tables of the 2-letter zone designators are given below, sorted first by the designator and then by the geographic location

ISP: (Internet Service Provider) Alternative name of Access Provider. 

LAN: (Local Area Network) network operating within one site or organisation.

Log on: Connect to the Internet.

Modem: (modulator-demodelator) a device which translates digital computer signals into an analogue form for transmission down the ordinary phone lines. 

News Server: A computer at an Internet access provider's site that collects newsgroup articles for the benefit of its users. 

Network: A collection of linked computers. On a LAN, users can share printers and other networked resources. On any network including the Internet users can communicate and share data with each other. 

Off-line: Using your e-mail software or browser while not connected to the Internet. Mail can be more conveniently read or written off-line. 

On-line: Connected to the Internet.

Portal: An Intent site which offers a range of services, including organised links into the Web. Portals aim to encourage as many users as possible to come through their site on their way into the Internet and to read the adverts that pay for it all. 

Search Engines: Web sites that hold searchable indexes to Web-pages and other Internet resources. 

Shareware: Software that you can try for free, but for which you should pay a (small) fee to continue to use.

Site: Set of Web pages run by one individual or organisation. The site may occupy one or more computers all by itself, or be one of many in a shared space. 

Upload: Copy a file from your computer onto an Internet host computer. 

Web Browser: A program that lets you leap between hypertext links to read text, view graphics and videos, and hear sounds. The two leading browsers are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

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